Product Release Notes 10/14/22

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Always be building. That’s the name of the game at RECUR. With updates to experiences Powered by RECUR and weekly product releases, there’s always something new and exciting to share. 

This is your weekly recap.

Experience Updates 🏗

Care Bears™ Forever had a busy week. Bears were shared, bears were burned, and a brand-new bear was revealed.

The Care Bears Forever second drop ended this week and a few of our friends were a bit homesick. We helped to send them home by burning the remaining unsold bears. These bears were returned to where they came from and left the Care Bears Forever ecosystem forever.

But as some bears returned home, a brand-new bear was revealed thanks to this amazing community. Hundreds of bears were shared in our fourth challenge and we revealed ILY Bear! Sometimes we all just need to hear "ILY" 💗That's why we knew ILY Bear is going to fit right in with the rest of the Care Bears crew!


Another brand-new bear will be revealed with this week’s challenge! The challenge starts on Monday October 17th at 12pm ET so get ready to share.

🆕 Product Releases 

New payment options

You already have the power of choice with how you want to pay on experiences Powered by RECUR—from Apple Pay and Google Pay to credit and debit cards to various crypto assets. This week, Bitcoin Cash was added to the other crypto assets available (USDC on Ethereum, ETH, and BTC) for you to pay for your RECUR NFTs. 

Auto-playing animated NFTs

Powered by RECUR experiences have incredible art with both animated and still images. Before this week, all NFTs appeared to be still images on the marketplace. Now, animated NFTs will auto-play when you hover over them in the marketplace so you can easily see them as intended.

Choose to remember your device

You can now tell RECUR to remember your device so you don’t have to go through SMS verification every time you log in to your account. When you choose to remember your device, our experiences will not require you to go through SMS verification when you login on that device for 30 days. If at any point you want to forget the device, you can do so in your account settings.


We never stop working on new features, continued improvements, and innovative new ways for our community to interact with Web3. Check back next week for more exciting news and updates! 🚀

Have questions about RECUR or experiences Powered by RECUR? Drop them in our Discord community!

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