Sign in Issues

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When submitting a ticket, you must include the email address associated with your RECUR account. If we cannot locate the email address, you will be asked to resubmit your request.

SMS Code Not Received

There are several reasons why an SMS code may not be successfully received.

You may not receive an SMS code if you:

  • Have previously opted-out of receiving SMS
      • You will need to contact Support to opt back in
  • Are using a temporary or VOIP number 
      • These are not supported for 2FA and will result in an account suspension until a verified mobile number is added. Review our article on how to update your phone number.
  • Reside in an Non-Supported Country

Carrier issues may also result in delayed or unsuccessful SMS requests.

Possible scenarios in which the carrier is causing the SMS issue is:

  • The phone number is blocked by a carrier as spam
  • The phone number is on a “Do Not Disturb” list
  • The phone is in a roaming network
  • The phone carrier is blocking the message
  • The phone is temporarily out of the coverage area

If you continue to experience difficulties in receiving your SMS after confirming any of the above do not apply, please contact Support for additional assistance.


Authenticator Code Not Accessible

As an alternative to SMS, you are able to use an authenticator app of your choice as a 2FA method. There are several options available to you such as, but not limited to, Authy and Google Authenticator.

You will be able to update your chosen authentication method by accessing your Account Settings.


If you encounter an issue with accessing your authentication code after linking it to your RECUR account, you will be unable to make account updates. For help in resetting your 2FA method, submit a ticket to our Support team.

In your ticket, please include the following information:

  • Authenticator app you are using
  • Browser you are using for sign-in
  • The type of device you are using