Product Release Notes 10/7/22

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New week, new updates. From experience updates to product notes, there’s always something new and cool to cover. Staying informed is the name of the game.

This is your weekly recap.

Experience Updates


Last week:

The Star Trek ship swap went live, enabling thousands of Captains to increase their fleet size by decommissioning their Constitution Class Starships for two of four new ship classes: Class III, Miranda, Oberth, and Soyuz

Click here to learn more about the Starship Exchange.

There’s a lot more space to explore. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting mission announcements.


This Week:

The next group of 5 bears from Care Bears™ Forever have arrived! Lucky Fans have the opportunity to pull one of these 5 ultra rare animated bears from their purchased packs. Hopefully Good Luck Bear is on your side! 

Soon, Care Bears holders can participate in two new sharing challenges with the chance to pull 2 entirely new, ultra rare Metaverse Bears. Challenge details coming soon. 

Drop details:

5,000 total Care Chests (1 Care Chest = one Care Bear)

4,850 Care Chests available to purchase

150 Care Chests set aside for marketing, community, and other uses. 

Care Chests will be $50 each.

Drop Times:

Allowlist Sale: October 5th 8am PT / 11am ET

RECUR Pass Holder Sale: October 6th 10am PT / 1pm ET

Public Sale: October 6th 11am PT / 2pm ET

Click here to visit the mint page. 

Product Notes

New Features:

Batch Minting

A major quality of life improvement has arrived! Now, when fans mint their favorite NFT projects powered by RECUR, multiple minting transactions will be batched together. This means that rather than minting one Pack at a time, we can group multiple people's orders together to mint them all at once. 

This results in faster turnaround times between buying, minting and delivering NFTs to your wallet, which allows us to establish project marketplaces and unlock the value of your new NFTs, faster! 

NFT Wrapping

We’re excited to share a revolutionary new feature we’ll be rolling out for future launches. Soon, projects on the RECUR Platform will be able to utilize Wrapping as a core NFT functionality. 

Wrapping allows NFTs powered by RECUR to have multiple, interchangeable layers that enable holders to continuously customize their NFTs. From backgrounds to character features, the possibilities for fun, creativity, and increased value are near limitless! 

Crypto Payments

Did someone say Web3 compatibility? We’re adding new options for fans to use their favorite crypto currencies to pay for mints and marketplace purchases. While you've already been able to pay with BTC, ETH & USDC, we’ll be exploring and testing the viability of additional tokens. Which token would you like to see? 

Product Card Upgrades

A recent upgrade to our Product Card component allows hover-over interactions that enable dynamic animations to be played without sound. Look for this update to be rolled out anywhere we use a Product Card across Marketplace, Collection, Select Challenges, and Deposit NFTs pages. 

Some examples:




As always, we’re diligently testing, tracking and squashing pesky bugs wherever we find them. Rest assured we’re here to make sure you continue to have the best experience in the industry. 

We never stop working on new features, continued improvements and innovative new ways for users to interact with–and extract value from–their NFTs. Check back next week for more exciting news and updates! 🚀

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