Product Release Notes 9/30/22

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The RECUR rocket keeps on climbing! From experience updates to product notes, there’s always something new and cool to cover. 

This is your weekly recap.

Experience Updates 🏗


Last week:

We made Web3 more fun (and a little sh@%ier) with the successful emoji™ drop. Hype was high, with Crypto Whale Poo making a big splash on OpenSea and the 2,222 PooFP collection quickly selling out. We love seeing our fans on Discord rocking their favorite Poop emojis!

Find your own emoji™ 💩 here.



This Week:

The highly anticipated Star Trek ship swap went live! This challenge introduces all new ship classes with the ability to decommission your Constitution or ConstitutionRefit for two Starships from four additional classes: ClassIII, Miranda, Oberth, and Soyuz

Soon, Captains will be able to send their Starships on missions to the farthest reaches of space. Keep your wits about you, captains. You’re sure to need them! 

Click here for more details on the swap.



Coming Soon:

Care Bears Forever drop incoming! Five more original Care Bears are arriving soon with a few new friends in tow. Are you excited to add to your friendship circle? We know we are!

Drop details:

5,000 total Care Chests (1 Care Chest = one Care Bear)

4,850 Care Chests available to purchase

150 Care Chests set aside for marketing, community, and other uses. 

Care Chests will be $50 each.

Product Notes


New Features:

Wallet Connection

Exciting momentum is building with the introduction of Wallet Connection. In our pursuit to create an industry-leading experience that bridges Web2 and Web3, you can officially link your MetaMask Wallet to your RECUR account. Now, no matter where you choose to keep your RECUR Passes, you’ll still receive all the benefits that come with holding them on our platform!

Additional details here.


Voluntary KYC

An updated KYC process just launched where you’ll be able to see and manage your KYC information directly from your RECUR account. To have an active RECUR account, all users must complete Level 1 KYC verification. Users can now control when they Level 2 ID-verify.. This will improve accessibility and speed to the KYC process. 

Additional details here.



As always, we’re diligently testing, tracking and squashing bugs wherever we find them. Rest assured we’re here to make sure you continue to have the best experience in the industry.


We’re diligently working on new features, continued improvements and exciting new ways for users to interact with–and extract value from–their NFTs. Check back next week for more news and updates! 🚀

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